During the 53th international NCHC conference in Boston (November 7-11, 2018) the head of SibFU Honors College Maria Tarasova interviewed several leading representatives of honors education, including Naomi Yavneh-Klos, the President of NCHC 2018, John Zubizarreta, the President of NCHC 2010, and Beata Jones, a co-founder of HIFI.

Interviews are devoted to the discussion of the most topical questions in honors education:

  • the definitions of the ideal honors students and their needs in honors programs;
  • the aims of developing honors programs for students with high abilities in universities worldwide;
  • the most effective strategies in honors teaching and in working with honors faculty.

Naomi Yavneh-Klos the President of NCHC 2018

John Zubizarreta the President of NCHC 2010

Beata M. Jones a co-founder of HIFI